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How Long Does It Take To Install Commercial Roofing

There’s no one size fits all solution with commercial roofing. Roof installation on a commercial building can take any amount of time from a few days up to over 4-5 weeks. However, it may take less time if you hire professionals with experience. 

Depending on the material and process you choose, the installation method and duration vary significantly from one roof to another. That’s why hiring a professional commercial roofer that completes a roofing project effectively and within your desired timeline will be your biggest challenge.

Factors and Variables

Installing a new roofing system can differ depending on previous roof conditions, property size, and climate conditions.

Minor roof installation can take as little as a couple of days to finish, while more significant installation projects can sometimes take several days. 

Some of these factors and variables influence the duration of the process:

Design Complexity

The design or style of your commercial property’s roof has an enormous impact on how long the project will take. With commercial roofing systems, addressing the slope of the roof is essential. 

Roofs are classified as Flat Slope Roofs and Steep Slope Roofs. Low Slope Roofs are common among warehouses, big box stores, and shopping centers. But, if you have unique features like cupolas or gables, these will make a roofing project even longer.

Type of Roof

Depending on the roofing materials you decide to use, it will take longer for the roof to be installed. The style of your roof is a significant factor in how long your project will take. Some materials, like shingles, can be installed very quickly, especially if the old roof does not have to be removed and the process involves only re-roofing.

Square Footage

Another variable in how long your project will take is how large your roof is. A large roof takes longer to replace than a smaller one. Remember that the square footage of your roof will also dictate how long it takes to remove existing materials.


In general, roofing work can only be done when the weather is dry. Many roofers check weather forecasts regularly, as well it may pose a threat to the integrity of the installation process.

Commercial Roofing Experts

As you can see, the type of roof and the size and complexity of the roof help determine the expected completion time. Gladiator Roofing already knows how to manage these variables and factors that might affect the installation of your roof. 

Our experience has made us your better option; we will undoubtedly install your commercial roof in the shortest time. 

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