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Your home’s siding is a huge part of keeping aesthetic appeal, but it also has practical uses. It will keep your structure secure and protected against water, wind, and even worse. 

Some materials work better for a specific type of weather, some of them for cold and others for hot climate. So there are many things taken into consideration when thinking of repairing or replacing your home’s sidings. But do you need a siding replacement, or will siding repair get the job done just fine?

Siding Repairs

Repair is, indeed, the more common option. It’s often less costly and faster, but it’s not always the right solution. It is recommended siding repair services only:

Cracking and Chipping

Small holes and chips in the material, especially if it’s a small area or only on a single panel, are most often easily repaired. However, you have to be careful since it is a sign that birds or insects are trying to make their way into the walls.

Limited Mold and Rot

If you locate minimum signs of mold or fungus, you have to contact professionals to remove the damage fast. It will cause minor problems, and siding repair will be enough. 

Loose siding panels.

A subpar installation can cause loose panels. In most cases, it is technically repaired and relatively low-cost.

Siding Replacement

It’s true that in most cases, a repair can meet your needs, but it may cost you more in the long run if severe damage is done to the house. It is time to replace when:

Excessive Rot

Even if the rot seems minimal, it is an obvious sign that siding is starting to decay. It is ideal to quickly address the issue and replace the rotten siding to keep away from more damage.

Faded Siding

Great home siding can improve visual appeal, ensure your home is safe, and it can even add energy-saving and effectiveness benefits. If the siding boards start to fade their color, it means it’s time to replace them. 


If you see small ripples formed underneath the surface of your siding is a positive sign that your home needs a new siding. These tiny bubbles indicate that water is stuck, so it is necessary to replace them asap. 

Stop Looking, Contact Gladiator Roofing

While we all know that siding is vital for the value and stability of your home, it is how that siding is installed that makes the most significant difference.

We are among the most experienced and efficient commercial roofing contractors in Wylie. We guarantee that you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that we will install your siding properly to keep you safe and boost your home appeal.