Who Are We?

Our Mission


As a veteran owned business, we were taught to serve with the highest integrity, honesty and professionalism. Therefore, Gladiator strives to give you the highest craftsmanship and materials that every homeowner deserves. 

Extraordinary Experiences

Gladiator’s owner is very involved in his community believing that he is more than just a contractor but rather a servant of his community.

While serving in the Navy, the owner was attached to a construction battalion where he was taught every aspect of construction.

The owner has never stopped his passion for construction over the last 20+ years.

During Hurricane Katrina, he left his family to help rebuild the beloved area he once lived in.

When the tornado hit Rowlett, he once again left his family on Christmas to cut, split and deliver wood to the victims so they could have a source of heat. He stayed for days helping complete strangers clean up what was once their homes.

When the tornado hit Canton, he single handily coordinated and feed all first responders, search team members, the Canton Chief of Police, and affected citizens from Canton to Van, Texas with his own money.

When the hurricane hit the coast of Louisiana in 2020, he was quick to rush in and provide aid to those who were in desperate need. His teams tarped and repaired many homes and businesses while giving aid to the communities impaced.